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Areas of Practice



While tax is our main focus and the largest component of our practice, it is much more than just filing a return. Tax is a culmination of careful planning for each person or business' specific situation, to mitigate their tax liability in a conservative manner and within the confines of the everchanging tax code.


Whether you are an employee, business owner, or retired, we can assist you with your personal taxation needs. We can assist with all aspects regarding your 1040 to ensure you are only paying the amount that you are required to under the law. With recent changes to US tax law, individual tax planning takes on even greater importance.


We provide monthly and quarterly accounting services for our clients, whether it is completely, outsourced accounting, or quality control and reconciliations. The foundation of one's business is the quality of their financial records, as this is the starting point for everything.


taxable entities

Just because these businesses pay tax at the entity level, it doesn’t mean there is any less planning associated with them. With recent tax law changes, planning to mitigate your tax liability is of the utmost importance and is just one area that we can work with you to achieve. 


Tax and accounting is just one facet of running a business. There is entity selection, budgeting and forecasting, structure, and many other areas that need to be considered when creating a business. On the personal side, you have estate and business succession planning opportunities when settling into the retired life. All of these areas are opportunities that clients face today, and we can assist.


Partnerships and S Corporations are entities that pass or flow through the taxable portion of the activity to its members and shareholders. While these entities do not pay tax themselves, they do present an entirely different set of rules that need to be followed prior to passing the activity to its owners. This gives us tremendous planning opportunities that we can assist with and take advantage of. With recent changes to US tax law, flow-through planning takes on even greater importance.